"There are great applications for law enforcement, military, runners, for people who walk their dogs at night, in suburban areas."

- Andrew Bernstein, Bicycling Magazine’s marketing manager

"I love that this started with a Kickstarter campaign, thats a great early market of fit, and people want to buy the product. But for me, the real test is if this would be a product I would buy and use.. and the answer to that is yes!" -  Matt Compton, venture capitalist and REI Board member


 “Top Five Bicycling Systems: Halo Belt - Simplicity at its finest: Sling this belt across your body or around your waist and you'll be visible from all angles.” 


 “The hyper-industrious Ng has quietly but inexorably created a great, lightweight, rechargeable, safety device which saves lives.”



“Extra-bright LED belt could save lives… Its an improvement over plain old reflective clothing or tools, because it doesn’t require an external light source to be effective.”


 “Aspiring entrepreneurs should look at the Halo Belt team as a prime example of how to successfully promise, create, and deliver a product in a timely manner… because now that daylight savings is in effect, I might just wear it all the darn time.”


“The Halo Belt is a new way of boosting your visibility on city streets while giving yourself a unique fashion accessory.”


 “The Halo Belt will make sure cars can't miss you. And it can't hurt that the design looks straight out of Tron.”


"So, this Halo Belt 2.0 is on a mission to protect anyone on the road. Think of all the potential users, including cops, joggers, children, military, roadside workers, and cyclists. That’s a lot of potential users."


 “We’re all for nighttime visibility, and what better way to accomplish that than to strap one long, continuous light around your waist? Whatever you’re up to, you won’t be missed.”